General Questions

What is cupping?
  • Cupping uses specially designed glass cups that are placed on trigger points or pressure points in the body. The cups provide negative pressure, meaning that they suck the tissue (muscle, fascia, skin, fat) up into the cup. This draws blood flow in and actually lifts the tissue, taking pressure off it. This leads to relaxation of the muscle tissue.

    Generally the cups are left for around 15 minutes and can either be just left on the trigger point or moved around (sliding cupping) allowing a good stretch and massage to the muscles and fascia.

What is cupping used for?
  • Cupping helps promoting the blood flow and from a TCM point of view assists with bringing toxins to the surface of the skin to be cleared by the body. 
Cupping marks?
  • One thing you may have seen from cupping is the big round bruises left behind after treatment. This is a sign that blood flow has entered the area. This usually subsides over a week or so and is painless.

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